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Web programmers and layout designers are the professions that pay the most on the darknet. They are mainly involved in developing resources, refining platforms, laying out new sections, and so on.It’s easier to say who hasn’t been depicted as an octopus and/or an octopus in the history of world political caricature: caricatures in the form of an octopus were made of Rothschild and Morgan, Caricatures in the form of an octopus/octopus were made on:It is difficult to give even a remote idea of ​​the number of caricatures of the octopus. Moreover, this is impossible in a format limited to a dozen drawings. This image of “evil spreading its tentacles” was then replicated so densely and multifacetedly that in the second half of the 20th century and to this day the octopus was “laundered”the words “octopus” and “octopus” have become common metaphors to denote organizations that pose a public danger: mafia, monopolies, secret societies, totalitarian sects This creature is approaching you with many vile mouths; the hydra merges with man, man merges with hydra. You are one with her. You are a prisoner of this nightmare come true.blacksprut2rprrt3aoigwh7zftiprzqyqynzz2eiimmwmykw7wkpyad.onion A tiger can eat you, an octopus - it's scary to think! — sucks you out. He pulls you towards him, takes you in, and you, tied up,The earnings of such specialists vary from 200 to 500 thousand rubles, depending on experience, qualifications and the project they are working on. Web designers often they create banners and develop design layouts for new pages and websites. Earnings can reach 300 thousand rubles per month. Copywriters are also very important specialists; they write review and advertising articles, descriptions of store products, and create all text content for websites. Often copywriters earn from 150 to 250 thousand rubles per month. Earnings on the darknet are higher than on the regular Internet, since the topics you work with are not always legal.